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Next up: 3DayPass Ticket Sale! Oct 30 via @ticketpop. Only 2000 available - and trust us, they WILL get sold out as well, they always do. What can you do to make sure you get them? A few ideas:

• sit down at your computer early in the morning and be ready for the sale to start, that way you have plenty of time to fight your way to get your ticket online. You should be aware that hundreds of geeks just like you are trying to buy their tickets, so keep trying until the last minute.

• want to make sure to get them without using the online service? Drive early to any Walmart or Amigo supermarket (Puerto Rico locations only) and get in line. Don’t arrive to late or your chances of getting your tickets might be slim. Remember, just because you do the line does NOT guarantee the tickets. Early risers always have a best chance.

• have work or have to go to school? Find a friend that can either buy you your tickets online very early or drive to the Ticketpop outlets and get your tickets for you. You can pay them afterwards.

Are there limits for single day passes? Yep, there are, for the security of all attendees we CANNOT sell more than the amount that we have. That means that if you want to be sure that you don’t miss the show, the ONLY alternative is that you buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Hope all this works and we see you geek out with us on 2015. Team PRCC.


Five Nights At Freddy’s, fanart collab with Tyrni and Emiel

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at our table at Tracon! Folks seemed to really dig our Five Nights At Freddy’s stickers and magnets, I hope they continue to scare the living daylights out of you wherever you stick ‘em. We outsold all of our big prints (Hannibal and Attack on Titan), all of the unique tote bags and all but one of the mouse pads. We’ll hope to get a table at next year’s Popcult Helsinki so we’ll have another sale there, not to mention some new shenanigans altogether.

P.S. I was SURE there was bound to be at least one person in the con who understood the Sherlock reference in my one and only A.D.D. magnet, and there was! Unfortunately I wasn’t at the table at the time but I’m glad it found a home.

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